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Born in 1914, Hervé Gontier is the first of the family to embark on the winemaking adventure. With the first vines planted around 1950, the red wine produced then are only reserved for family consumption. 


Francis Gontier takes over the farm from his father Hervé in 1964 after the Algerian War. At that time, the vines are grown on several hillsides: Les Combelles, Bélair and Piquetalen, all situated in Ambres in the Tarn department. 


Unfortunately, all of the vines are uprooted partly due to a ban on grape variety in France in 1995, a moment which would have marked the end of the family’s wine production journey. 


Dedicated to the family’s passion, Nicolas Gontier, Francis’ son born in 1989, decides in 2014 to carry on the heritage of winemaking. In 2018, Nicolas sets up his wine merchant company, in which he first specializes in sparkling wine production from Gaillac vines and continues to explore the tradition and possibilities of winemaking.


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